Graphite Electrode Technical Services

Showa Denko Carbon Division (SDK) has a global network of experts engaged in product support and steelmaking process. With considerable knowledge in product and process management, SDK focuses on delivering tangible benefits for our customer´s operations.

The extensive experience of our PRO team provides quantifiable, value-added solutions. Having monitored and serviced electrodes in more than 80 countries and 2,000 EAFs, SDK has real-world, industry-tested expertise.

What we do

SDK offers much more than standard product-related services.
We work with our customers to:

  • Identify potential problems before they occur
  • Provide insight to help increase furnace productivity
  • Provide training to help increase furnace crew proficiency
  • Implement PROfessional collaboration to optimize furnace operations
Showa Denko - Our Services

Our Service

Our Technical Services are tailored to suit the needs of our customers:

  • Electrode monitoring and tracking
  • Electrode inventory control
  • Electrode care and handling training
  • Furnace performance analysis
  • Customized data analysis
  • Electrode accessory inspection

ECO PRO-EAF Control Optimization and PROfessional

ECO PRO is a team-based approach designed to be a collaborative partnership between SDK and the customer in order to enhance EAF operations.

Our highly qualified and experienced personnel work alongside our partners to employ Six Sigma techniques to find customized solutions for each facility. Our goal is to add value, and we believe a cooperation is successful once our customer can quantify the benefits of the project.

ECO PRO collaborations focus on the entire EAF operation. Successful projects have included:

  • Increased furnace efficiency
  • Improved furnace energy balance – electrical and chemical
  • Increased furnace productivity
  • Improved foamy slag practices

To discover how SDK Technical Service can benefit your operations, click here to contact us.