Services for Graphite Electrodes

Our competences

SDK provides a global network of experts for the steelmaking process and all services around graphite electrodes. We have considerable expertise in product as well as process management, with a focus on delivering statistically-valid results. The vast collection of experience within our PRO team ensures that solutions and ideas are always well-founded. And we know all EAF applications in the world, having delivered electrodes to more than 2000 EAFs in 80 countries.

Our core competences are in:

    – Electrode
    – Process Know-How
    – Expertise in Applications
    – PROfessional PROjects

What we do

What we offer goes far beyond “standard” product-related services.

We help our customers to:

    – Identify problems before they happen
    – Increase furnace productivity
    – Increase people productivity by training
    – Implement technical/PRO projects in partnerships with customers

Our services

Our services are tailored to each customer’s specific situation and need, and can encompass:

    – Product monitoring
    – Performance analysis
    – Inventory control
    – On-site storage management
    – Inspection of accessories
    – Monitoring of electric arc furnaces
    – Customized reporting (interaction with customer’s data – PLCs)
    – Tailor-made data Analysis

CEDIS – or Customized EAF Data Information System – records EAF production and control data directly from customer PLC systems for off-site analysis. Data is only transmitted with the customers’ consent and data confidentiality is maintained at all times.

CEDIS® gleans out the most important bits of that data and provides daily, weekly, and monthly summaries along with analysis, and highlighted outliers to quickly provide alerts. It is customized to each EAF where it is installed in order to meet the individual needs of the particular shop.

Our experts analyse CEDIS data systematically to find potentials for process optimization and make recommendations for improvement projects to customers. Graphs and tailored reports created from CEDIS data can be very helpful for visualizing long-term trends in process Parameters.

In addition, we help customers to improve furnace productivity with a range of value-adding services such as:

    – Consumption model – to check against benchmarks
    – theoretical and real consumption data
    – Calculation of productivity increase
    – Recommendations for EAF design
    – operational best practise workshops
    – Furnace start-up assistance
    – Electrical energy modeling
    – Regulation tuning
    – Hydraulics
    – Power (melting) profiles


SDK is the global leader in Graphite Electrodes for Electric Arc Furnaces. ECO PRO stands for EAF Control Optimization and Professional cooperation. The Team develops partnership projects together with the interested customer in order to collaborate and achieve improved customer results on a jointly agreed project scope.

Our highly qualified and experienced personnel employ Six Sigma techniques along with the customer’s own experience to find solutions applicable to the unique situation of the particular customer. Our goal is to reach a win-win situation. We believe that a project is successful if our customer is totally satisfied with the improvements achieved on completion of the project.

ECO PRO projects do not cover just electrodes but also everything around the EAF process. Successful projects carried out so far are related to topics such as:

    – Higher efficiency
    – Lower energy consumption
    – Productivity increases
    – Carbon / oxygen injection
    – Chemical energy optimization
    – Foamy slag
    – Customized reporting (interaction with customer’s data – PLCs)
    – Tailor-made data analysis