Graphite Electrodes

With a full complement of diameters and lengths Showa Denko Carbon Division (SDK) has the graphite electrode for any application

  • SDK produces electrodes to maximize productivity and value
  • SDK utilizes high-quality raw materials for optimum thermal and electrical performance

Recommended current loads:


Standard electrode sizes can be found here.

Super Long Length (SLL) Graphite Electrodes:

SDK’s global production platform has the capability of manufacturing electrodes in excess of 3,600 mm (140 inches) in length.

SLL graphite electrodes provide the following advantages for each customer:

  • Increased worker safety due to the need for fewer electrode additions
  • Increased electrode performance due to fewer joints on the column
  • Increased production due to reduced downtime for electrode additions

To discover how SDK electrodes can benefit your operations, please send us a message by using the contact form.