Vision and Working Principles

Globally, Showa Denko Carbon Division (SDK) has production sites in Asia, EMEA and the Americas, creating a diverse organization with great potential. To harness this potential and empower our colleagues, we have created a common language: the SDK Carbon Division Way – Our Way. With Our Way as our base, we can efficiently communicate best practices across our sites in order to achieve our vision:


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Our vision is to enable sustainable advancement of society by helping recycle steel in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. We do this by globally providing Best in class electrodes and supporting services.”

Makoto Takeda, President/ CEO

The SDK Carbon Division Working Principles are the foundation for this common language:

  • Safety awareness and a compliance mindset
  • Agility and immediate problem resolution to create fast learning cycles
  • Focus on the end-to-end (E2E) process which ensures efficiency
  • Ensuring the safest possible work environment for our colleagues
  • Standardized systems that ensure safe and efficient operations
  • Visual management systems that make situations easily understandable
Makoto Takeda, President/ CEO
Makoto Takeda, President/ CEO