Our Company

For more than hundred years, Showa Denko Carbon Division (SDK)  has been making high-quality graphite electrodes for use in electric arc furnaces (EAFs), ladle furnaces (LFs) and non-ferrous smelting applications. Steel remains the most recycled material in the world and SDK continues to play a crucial role in the life cycle of this environmental frontrunner.

SDK’s acquisition of SGL Carbon’s graphite electrode business (completed in 2017), enabled it to become a true global leader in the electrode industry.  As a combined company, SDK has executed its integration around the following key principles:

  • Being a good corporate citizen and strong advocate for our society, our colleagues and our customers.
  • Focusing on safety, quality and reliability.
  • Valuing our partnerships by conducting business in a professional and prudent matter, while maintaining a long-term view of our industry.
  • Supporting our customers’ efficiency and growth with best-in-class electrode quality, product optimization and technical services.
  • Capitalizing on the existing synergies between the two entities – Showa Denko Carbon’s world-class processing technology and SGL Carbon’s industry-leading production efficiency.
  • Ensuring the highest quality standards and reliability of supply with modern, strategically-located production facilities around the world.
  • Reinvesting in our people, our plants, our customers, and our industry.

Our Commitment

  • In addition to our customers, SDK’s quality and reliability have been critical to our hundred-year success – and both are a vital part of our future.
  • SDK strives for continuous improvement of our products and services by leveraging new and existing technologies, then applying the methodology of Lean-Six Sigma in order to create the highest possible degree of value for our customers.
  • We work closely with our customers in key markets via local commercial organizations in more than ninety countries across six continents.
  • Through a combination of:  superior product quality; a focused, individual approach; and tailored technical services – SDK aims to remain the “supplier of choice” for value-based customers around the world.
  • We are a member of the ECGA (European Carbon and Graphite Association), an association handling all Europe-related issues concerning the Carbon and Graphite industry

Our Management

Showa Denko Carbon Division is managed by an international team of experienced business professionals. Our firm operates across national borders and legal entities, enabling quick responses to changes in market dynamics, as well as prevailing customer attitudes and requirements.